Transformation  |  Complete company transformation of the national fuel marketer of the Sultanate of Oman


Oman Oil Marketing -the national fuel marketer of the Sultanate of Oman- was in need of a complete company transformation, both internally and externally while creating as little disturbance as possible since the company is publicly listed and having the Sultanate as a majority shareholder.


The transformation comprised of many tasks up and down the organization: the launch of a new Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy, the restructuring and reorganizing OOMCO while ramping down the workforce in a complex environment and building a new corporate culture, then the creation of key departments such as Marketing / Digital / Customer Care / Technical R&D / Sustainable Development, leading operational excellence while exiting non-strategic businesses also venturing into new ones, and bringing the company abroad.


We implemented various ways of working in a company not used to most modern ones. We lacked competences in project planning and strategic thinking. We therefore valued teamwork and collaborative decisions while targeting the most sustainable solution over any other one. We used taskforces throughout the company in order to ensure the above while offering a lot of training and mentoring in every level of the organization.


The transformation of OOMCO went successfully both internally and externally. The company decreased both opex and capex per liter while professionalizing and simplifying the company internally as well as renegotiating existing business agreements. OOMCO ventured into new fuel businesses such as Bunkering but also non-fuel businesses while signing exclusive partnerships with leading international chains of restaurants and beverages, not present in the countries where OOMCO operate. A well-designed roadmap with a detailed action plan by newly created departments of Marketing and Digital made the brand awareness tops the market while replacing the previous leader, the engagement with the brand and customer loyalty reached their highest scores. The company exited non-strategic assets and non-profitable businesses. A critical aspect is that the company has transformed while involving every employee and in a responsible and sustainable way: the employee engagement reached its highest level ever, moving from a score of 73% in 2017 up to an outstanding 85% in 2019. Company market share reached over 40%, a goal we had initially set for 2025. While demonstrating our expertise and market leadership we could build a unique Strategic Alliance with OQ, the #1 company in Oman.


RIVIONT David Kalife