Innovation  |  Inventing an original technology of sound purification and sound remastering


Back in the 1990s, the sound of classical music on CDs was rarely crystal clear and often remastered without great care or quality.


A group of three pianists decided to innovate while inventing an original technology of sound purification and sound remastering. I was one of those three classical music lovers while also studying our MSc. We founded a start-up (Keystone Records) in which each of us would have a distinct role based on our respective competencies and network.


Our new technology consisted of an innovative sound remastering software combined with an original technique of recording the sound at the source. We patented it. I was in charge of promoting and launching our CDs while signing up piano artists. I could reference them and negotiate successfully with national department store chains such as Fnac and Virgin.


We won the special mention of the “Reims Creator 1994” the innovation contest organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Champagne-Ardennes among 1,200 competitors. We received a prize of €40,000 allowing the Keystone Records to break even in its first year of existence. We were soon approached by major music labels to acquire our company.


RIVIONT David Kalife