Interconnecting leadership, strategy and organizational culture across 15 countries resulted in successful 300 mio USD M&A deal  | 


Mergers and Acquisitions is a key lever available to grow the company. However, assessing and integrating the deal into the existing company can be quite challenging given the complexities of people, business process, go to market and technology platforms. Over the years I have been closely involved in M&A Activity. A leading global organization was evaluating the acquisition of a 300 mio USD revenue business operating across 15 countries.


As part of the core team that was evaluating different potentials to acquire – my role was to evaluate the current organisational structure and look at the financials from a people standpoint. My role was to be part of the merger assessment, deal making and post-merger integration of the business across 12 sites worldwide including sales manufacturing and R&D employees. A key component was to check the cultural fit between the two entities to ensure that there would be a smooth integration later.


As part of the global deal making team, was responsible to evaluate and advise on key structuring elements related to people, operations and contracts that would make integration far smoother and minimize disruption. In the integration phase was responsible for overall organisation design to ensure that the onboarding happened smoothly, different operational systems moved without hitch including all statutory and compliance. I was able to orchestrate this carefully handled during integration to minimize the friction points in the running of the combined entity.  Overall, I was able to meet the first time right integration and optimize the footprint and to deliver savings of 25% annual cost of sales.


RIVIONT Ravi Bhogaraju