Executive and Leadership Team Development with Global EVP  | 

A global EVP of an American Travel Management company needed to change his behavior. He was too direct in his communication and his actions were upsetting his global team members and corporate HQ. In our meetings we shared with him the thought of how it would be if he becomes more self-aware of his own styles and his social styles dealing with others. If his team members got to know him better and the other way around, he got to know his team members better would that benefit the working relationship and team cohesion? We created the self- and social awareness program for him and his global leadership team, 14 people out of North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Prior to the meeting the team members were asked to take our assessments which included the current Organizational Culture Analysis test and our Leadership Talent Analysis test. The individual and team results were discussed during the program. In this way the team members got to know each other leadership styles and profiles better. We also worked together with the global leadership team in better aligning their strategic business objectives towards the organizational culture and their own leadership and communication styles. We gave them a framework, common language and focus areas to become a more balanced global team working together more effective, acknowledging each other’s strengths and preferred styles, connecting the dots.


RIVIONT Richard A. Vincent