Aligning Leadership and Culture with Regional Leadership Team  |  

At this American Healthcare company the local country leaders were always seeking approval from their new regional leader. This new regional leader wanted to change that behavior, give them local accountability & responsibility, wanted them to learn how to take informed business decisions without always seeking his approval.

We created the program with a focus on leading with self-confidence and balanced decision-making. We worked with the country leaders on the Competing Values Framework  of Quinn, their own preferred styles and the current organizational culture. We supported them closing the gap between the company values and the current organizational culture towards a more balanced culture. We provided them a framework, common language for confident, informed and balanced decision making. We helped the regional business leader aligning the country teams to the company strategy across countries and cultures. This program opened the teams up, they were sharing their challenges and were learning from each other in a safe created environment.


RIVIONT Richard A. Vincent