July 1st, 2021  |  International Leadership Advisory RIVIONT has expanded with the addition of Mr Rob Hendriks as Board Advisor for the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Rob is currently the CHRO of Zurich International, responsible for the people agenda in 8 countries and based in Dubai in the Middle East. Rob will take this additional role with RIVIONT next to his role as CHRO for Zurich International.

“We are very excited that Rob will be joining the international Board Advisors team at RIVIONT,” said Richard Vincent, Managing Partner & Founder. “Rob is passionate about supporting Executive teams and Boards building, transforming and developing their organizations with the right people, right skills and right mindset and allocate them where they can truly add the most value to your organization. Rob brings 30 years senior HR Leadership experience gained with top tier multinationals such as Zurich, QBE and ING. He has worked with international CEO’s, Boards and Executive teams on Talent Management, Organizational Change and Transformation challenges in Europe, Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Before moving to Dubai Rob worked and lived in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, UK and The Netherlands. Rob holds numerous certificates in Human Resource Management and has followed Executive education programs in the Netherlands, London Business School and INSEAD in Singapore.

“There is sufficient knowledge to understand the business and areas of Finance, Risk and Corporate Governance, less often there is enough focus on the impact People and Culture have in the organization and what a change of focus can contribute to future business growth” said Mr Hendriks. The ambiguity caused by the global events of the past 2 years has put even more focus in Executive teams towards human capital. Fundamental business questions have expanded from crisis management responses and keeping employees safe, to how we transition to more hybrid and agile organizations in the future. How do leaders transform their management styles, how do we manage and develop the remote workforce? How well is your company able to bounce back after the pandemic and transform not only to remain successful today, but more important stay relevant tomorrow? Now is the right time for boards and executive teams to position themselves for success. I am excited working with RIVIONT, supporting clients in Europe, Middle East and Asia bridging Eastern and Western thinking, helping them to succeed.”

“Rob is spot on with his analysis, the focus on people and culture is needed especially in today’s world. To transform organizations to fast, flat, flexible and focused, a human-centric approach and a structured network of teams are key to success. But seeing culture as an afterthought, geographic and functional business leaders unwilling or unable to change their mindset and leadership styles from commanding, pace setting towards visionary, coaching, affiliative and democratic leadership styles are prohibiting organizations to make that necessary transformation. An environment that is not safe to disagree is not an environment focused on growth, but on control”, said Mr Vincent.

Global / Regional Business leaders leading businesses and leadership teams across countries and cultures turn to RIVIONT. We help our clients achieve sustainable growth, change and transformation by improving the interconnection between business-people-culture, starting with the top leadership team. Our integrated solutions include Culture Transformation, Leadership Development, Assessment & Succession, Interim Management and Executive Search.


RIVIONT Rob Hendriks
RIVIONT Richard A. Vincent


The Board Advisors of RIVIONT are executives with a proven track record in accomplishing sustainable growth, change and transformation as CEO, COO, CFO or CHRO of public, private and listed companies across Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Our Board Advisors  |  Bring multi-sector, multi-functional, multi-cultural and multi-geographical experience  |  Are passionate in building (future) business for (future) markets with (future) talent  |  Know the ‘art and science’ of creating an improved interconnection between business-people-culture in achieving strategic objectives

Through RIVIONT, Board Advisors can be deployed for advisory projects and interim management assignments.