Management Due Diligence is our solution for performing the groundwork for smooth integration.

We help you to gain knowledge about the culture of an organization, the roles, capabilities, hidden competencies, attitudes, decision-making styles of management and people to empower your business decisions for today and tomorrow.


Deal makers underestimate the significance of people issues in mergers and acquisitions. They gather financial, commercial, and operational data, but their attention to human due diligence is superficial or at worst non-existent.

RIVIONT’s Management Due Diligence is evidence based and investigates the culture of an organization, the roles, capabilities, hidden competencies, attitudes, decision-making styles of Management and its people. In our research we provide valuable information for the investment decision. If the merger, acquisition or participation takes place, we provide practical advice for individual management effectiveness and the improvement of the internal organization and its processes.


  • Understanding of the situation and strategic objectives
  • Current Organizational Culture Assessment
  • Individual Executive Assessments
  • Management Team Make-Up and Effectiveness Assessment
  • Personal Interviews with relevant stakeholders and staff at al levels
  • Management Due Diligence report


Our report contains our findings, assessment and recommendations for further improvement and change:

  • Measurement of quality of individual management members towards the strategic objectives
  • Measurement of quality of management team towards the strategic objectives
  • Qualitative analysis of existing HR policy and personnel instruments
  • Risk analysis on the expected performance in the new environment
  • Individual development potential of functional and management competencies
  • Recommendation about new management team design and make-up based upon strategic objectives
  • Improvement of management team performance and quality of management team
  • improvement or adjustment of the HR management toolbox

We ensure you know the full potential of the people of the target company and will verify that the target’s culture is compatible enough with the acquirer’s to allow for the building of necessary bridges between the two organizations. We identify the areas to consider for further development. We advice about future development areas.


See below some cases of Leadership Advisory services.

FROM CENTRALIZED TO DECENTRALIZED DECISION MAKING  |  Fortune 500  |  APAC Region  |  Regional CEO, CFO, COO, CMO leadership strategically moving from centralized to de-centralized decision making  |  Leadership Team Effectiveness  |  Board mediation

ALIGNING SOUTH ASIA CULTURE TO ORGANIZATIONAL MISSION, CORPORATE VALUES AND GOALS  |  German listed company  |  Regional CEO  |  15 Countries in Asia  |  Alignment South Asia culture to the mission, goals and corporate values of the organization  |  Leadership Team Development

ALIGNING REGIONAL HQ’S WITH LOCAL COUNTRY LEADERSHIP  |  Fortune 500 Company  |  Aligning Regional Head Quarters with local country leadership teams  |  Leadership Team Improvement

TRANSFORMING FROM FAMILY LED TO PROFESSIONAL, CORPORATE LED BUSINESS  | APAC Region  |  Working with CEO  |  Designing, developing and professionalizing management appraisal process  |  Aligning Tier 1 and Tier 2 leadership teams to the objectives, driving a new culture  |  Performance & Culture

CREATING A NEW CULTURE FOR SUCCESS AFTER ACQUISITIONS  |  Company operates across 5 continents, went through 2 acquisitions, and recently acquired by another company  |  Working with Global CEO and Corporate HR  |  Creating a culture for success across vertical and geographical markets   |  Performance & Culture

ALIGNING SOUTH ASIA CULTURE TO COMPANY VALUES AND BELIEFS  |  Fortune 100 Company  |  Aligning regional ASEAN and local country cultures (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam) to the Company Beliefs  |  Performance & Culture

IMPLEMENTING NEW HR STRATEGY  | Global family business, global carve out from Fortune 500 company  |  Implement new HR strategy after decentralization  |  Leading to more cost-conscious, cost-effective, pragmatic and result oriented organization with continuous profit and revenue growth  |  Human Resources Strategy

HARMONIZING AND TRANSFORMING COMPENSATION & BENEFITS PACKAGES FOR BENELUX |  Reflecting changed business environment following merger  |  Leading to cost-effective yet attractive and competitive packages in the labor market  |  Compensation & Benefits

ALIGNING BUSINESS OBJECTIVES AND CULTURE AFTER MERGER FAMILY BUSINESSES  |  Define and align business objectives and culture for EMEA after merger of two family businesses into one global family business  |  Improving business alignment, clarity of purpose and business results  |  Performance & Culture

RESTRUCTURING BENELUX RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT |  Global logistics company  |  25 Sites in Benelux  |  Reduce costs and improve effectiveness of Benelux recruitment department  |  Talent Acquisition  |  Recruitment

DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING NEW TRAINEE PROGRAMME |  Sales & Service company  |  High turnover of trainees required new career mapping within complete new career framework  |  Talent development and succession planning changed accordingly, as well as coaching and mentoring  |  Talent Management  |  Development

DEVELOPING TRAINING PROGRAMME AFTER STRATEGIC REORIENTATION  |   Stock listed company  |  Wholesale  |  Strategic reorientation  |  Need for more effective cross BU sales training  |  Supplier selection, programme set up, delivery to sales team of 60  |  Talent Management  |  Development

IMPLEMENTING CROSS COUNTRY PENSION SCHEMES  |  In different companies and countries, implementing sustainable and future proof pension schemes  |  From Final Pay systems to Average pay systems and DC systems  |  Identifying scope and budget, design transition plan, work with brokers and insurance companies  |  Negotiate and agree with unions/works councils  |  Compensation & Benefits

TRANSFORMING TO PERFORMANCE BASED PAY SCHEMES  |   Sales organization, balance base pay and variable pay towards more variable, sharpen target setting and performance evaluation. Negotiate transition phase with unions  |  Compensation & Benefits