Culture Transformation is our solution for helping leadership teams align corporate values to culture and culture to strategy  |

Corporate values can help bring people together and create common goals. When you have a strong internal branding of your values, people can relate to them and it can create a shared culture. Within the company, global corporate values are already developed, but it does not necessarily bring people together.


Workplace culture is key to business success because it can act as a compass during difficult times and decision making. Shared values provide a sense of consistency, cohesion, and purpose across the organization and based on values, ways of how to work together and how to communicate can be defined. It is therefore necessary to build a common localized understanding of the culture within the company to be able to support the company’s strategy in the long term.


We help business leaders and leadership teams assess the alignment of culture and strategy. Based upon the organizational strategy we help to establish a target culture and provide a common framework for leaders and leadership teams to evaluate the degree to which the current culture supports the strategy.

Our framework for assessing culture is rooted in the insight that each organization and each individual must address the inherent tension between two critical dimensions of organizational dynamics:

  • Internal versus External
  • Control versus Flexibility

RIVIONT Effective organizations by Quinn

Depending on your strategic organizational goals we can apply this fundamental insight to your business context. Our online culture assessment test is based upon a Management Model, The Competing Values Framework of Quinn which can be used to diagnose highly complex and diverse behavioral patterns in a culture and understand how an individual and the team are likely to align with that culture. Because the model uses the same language to characterize culture and individual styles, assessment of cultural alignment is straightforward and actionable for individuals, teams and for the organization.