Executive Search is our solution for shaping your organization with the right leaders. We identify, attract and select executives for business critical positions. The world is our playing field.

The world is changing dramatically, fundamentally and in fast pace. The risks for almost all companies and investors have increased considerably. These risks stem from increased turbulence and uncertainty in the global economy, but are also a consequence of the focus on short-cyclical profitability of many companies and their shareholders.


At RIVIONT we believe the right leadership can still make enormous progress building a future-ready organization by innovation through people and by improving the alignment of strategy & talent.

Required are leaders effective at leading transformations, with self-awareness and the need for further self-development, who are purpose driven, able to inspire with a genuine concern in others and with a focus on innovation, creating a culture of innovation from within.


Transformational Leadership requires a leadership mindset of pushing boundaries and the ability to adapt to the competitive landscape organizations would face in the future.

It requires recruiting leadership talent beyond ticking boxes on skills, experience and industry knowledge. For 3 reasons:

  1. The gained experience is no guarantee for future success
  2. Could hinder innovation as thinking and decision-making is based upon the known from past experiences
  3. Industry knowledge is something you can learn


At RIVIONT we take a different approach and search for these leadership capabilities needed, beyond industry sector, to succeed in a digital, changing and uncertain world, able to address emerging stakeholder concerns, such as social purpose.

  • Leaders need to think divergently about new ways of doing things
  • Leaders need to adapt to constantly shifting power and influence
  • Must be able to collaborate with ease across many different teams
  • Must be brave in challenging how things are done
  • Must have the confidence to take the lead in driving the required innovation

Mindset is key.  What happens in between the ears is what each leader, team member, and employee chooses to focus on, believe, and create for themselves and others.

Mindset needs to be cultivated every single day because a leader’s mindset permeates an entire organization. Mindset is a key factor for successful individuals, teams, and organizations.


Our related Executive hiring services are Onboarding, Hiring Process Consulting and Interview Training.


See below some assignments of Executive Search projects.

CEO  |  Renewables and Environment  |  Wind Energy Technology

CFO  |  Life Sciences  |  Private Equity

CEO  |  Industrial  |  Transport company

Global Managing Director  |  Industrial  |  Manufacturing

Regional CFO  |  Industrial  |  Chemical Distribution

Country CFO  |  Healthcare  |  Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Country Managing Director  |  Private Equity backed Industrial Manufacturing

Global Sales & Marketing Director  |  Private Equity backed Industrial Manufacturing

Regional Business Development Director  |  Industrial  |  Chemical Distribution

Country Managing Director  |  Industrial  |  Chemical Distribution

Global marketing Manager  |  Consumer  |  Dairy Nutrition

Regional Managing Director  |  Industrial  |  Construction Company

Senior Procurement Director MARCOM  |  Consumer  |  Adult Nutrition

Senior Vice President  |  Consumer  |  White Goods

Regional Director Purchasing  |  Consumer  |  Electronics

Regional Supply Chain / Finance Manager  |  Consumer  |  Dairy Nutrition

Regional Senior Marketing Manager  |  Consumer  |  Dairy Nutrition

Partner TMT  |  Professional Services

Managing Director Risk/Audit/Compliance  |  Professional Services

Partner CFO Practice  |  Professional Services

Director VAT Tax  |  Professional Services

Partner Tax Private Clients  |  Professional Services

Partner Audit  |  Professional Services

Director Risk Consulting  |  Professional Services

Managing Director  |  Digital  |  Fintech

Associate Director  |  Digital  |  Fintech

HR Director  |  Professional Services  |  Audit  |  Tax  |  Consulting

Director Treasury  |  Technology

Finance Director  |  Family Business  |  Wholesale

Senior Manager Due Diligence M&A  |  Professional Services

Manager Due Diligence M&A  |  Professional Services

Business Controller  |  Industrial  |  Chemical Distribution

Senior Sales Director Food  |  Industrial  |  Chemical Distribution

Senior Business Manager Food  |  Industrial  |  Chemical Distribution

Plant Manager  |  Industrial  |  Food production

Adjunct Director Project Development  |  Industrial  |  Construction Company

Director International Tax Services  |  Professional Services  |  Audit  |  Tax  |  Consulting

Director Global Employment Services  |  Professional Services  |  Audit  |  Tax  |  Consulting

BTO Consultants  |  Professional Services

Manager Audit  |  Professional Services

Senior Tax Consultant  |  Professional Services  |  Audit  |  Tax  |  Consulting

Senior Manager Due Diligence  |  Professional Services  |  Audit  |  Tax  |  Consulting

Senior Manager Audit  |  Professional Services  |  Audit  |  Tax  |  Consulting

Project Finance Professionals  |  Technology

Finance Manager  |  Family Business  |  Wholesale