RIVIONT is a specialist Executive Search and Leadership Advisory firm  |

We believe that maximizing the potential of people and organizations starts with aligning leadership, strategy and organizational culture.


Leadership matters in developing and implementing strategies. There is a need for judgment, for continuity, for responsibilities, for managing people and for creating an enabling organisational culture that rest with the business leaders.


Without a deliberate consciously shaped strategy, an existing business can drift away from its customers and profitable markets, and become uncompetitive within its environment. Strategy success requires effective leaders and a supportive organizational culture.


Organizational culture creates the foundation for strategy to succeed and will either be a company’s greatest asset or largest liability. Sound strategy must be supported by an enabling corporate culture.  A supportive culture is most often intentional. It is built by design.


RIVIONT helps clients accelerate their performance at individual, team and organizational level  |

Whether you are a private company, family office, portfolio company of a private equity firm or a corporate, publicly listed firm we help leadership teams in a changing business environment realize competitive advantages through our executive search and leadership advisory services.

Shaping your organization with the right leaders

Building high-performing teams for the right challenge

Helping leadership teams align culture and strategy


We understand  |  We partner  |  We care  |  We maximize

Our number one priority is your success, therefore we put all our expertise, passion and experience into reaching your objectives.

We understand the global environment and the challenges leaders and leadership teams face to lead and succeed in today’s changing world in which:

  • Competitive advantages are becoming more and more transitory
  • Long-term sustainable competitive advantage does not exist anymore
  • Corporate social responsibility is required
  • Left brain and right brain leadership capabilities are more than ever essential

Ongoing innovation becomes a critical organizational capability and requires a transformational leadership style and mindset of pushing boundaries, creating a culture of clarity, flexibility, collaboration and innovation with the ability to adapt to the competitive landscape organizations would face in the future.

We partner particularly well with those companies with a need for change. This could be companies challenging the status quo, companies with a growth mindset including M&A and/or companies who need to adapt their organization and business model due to the economic paradigm shifts. We have supported many companies building, changing their organization with the right leaders, leadership teams and organizational culture across countries and continents as their trusted advisor. We have helped them making the required changes internally and we have been their ‘ears and eyes’ in the market place, identifying, attracting and selecting the best and brightest for their business in the fastest timeframe possible externally.

As we care about the outcome, we conduct our services with professionalism, diligence, structured and with pragmatism. At the outset of each new Executive Search or Leadership Advisory Project we conduct a business scan with the relevant stakeholders involved in the project. To understand what is needed, to understand the changing environment and to be able to translate these insights into what is expected of the (new) leader or leadership team. As success is 90% preparation, a thorough scan of the context is essential.

Our purpose is to maximize the potential for people and organizations. We believe great leadership talent will impact the team and transform the organization, turning potential into success. We therefore help organizations in a rapidly changing business environment building effective geographical and functional leadership teams and assist those leadership teams creating the environment for sustainable credibility and for further success.